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A Great Opportunity Awaits You! There are thousands of rare photos of cotton mills & their way of life. Also photographs of towns, churches, schools, trollies, trucks, service stations, drive - ins, theaters, just to mention a few. All of these photos are on display at Millican Pictorial History Museum, 35 Catawba Street, Belmont, North Carolina 28012. I plan to put as many of them on display on this site for people to enjoy and any that sell will help the museum to operate. I thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy them. May GOD bless you and your family and the United States of America. Thank you. Allen Millican  

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Please Help To Preserve Our History

Please Help To Preserve Our History Do you have any old pictures you would like to donate or let us scan them to preserve our history? By doing this your pictures will be seen by thousands of people rather than them being destroyed or thrown away. We will be glad to return any pictures you would like to have back to you. You will be helping to preserve our history & all of these pictures are going to be preserved & passed down to mankind for the future. We need pictures of textile mills - villages - workers, churches, schools, theaters, soda shops, drug stores, general stores, airports, parades, main street scenes, hospitals, city halls, fire departments, police departments, courthouses, drive - ins, hot dog - hamburger - ice cream shops or any buildings or miscellaneous of importance. You can mail, hand deliver or e-mail the pictures but it would be best to be able to have them physically so we can scan them in a high resolution.I will also restore the pictures before they are displayed. Thank you so very much. Allen Millican. Please contact: Allen Millican, Millican Pictorial History Museum - 35 Catawba Street - Belmont, NC 28012, Phone: 704-825-5391 - E-mails: - or - - or -