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The museum is closed permanently but you can purchase pictures on the website ( 2,600 ) on the website. There are 21,000 at my home in Belmont for sale. It isn’t set up for tourist. Please only serious buyers contact me at 704-829-8033 or email: allenmillican45@gmail.com & I’ll make arrangements for buyers. Thank you.

If you need more information you can contact Allen Millican at email: allenmillican45@gmail.com or call 704-829-8033

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 I have created these Facebook Groups & I have lots of new pictures that I will be adding as time will allow. They are private groups to protect groups from scammers. Just click on the link to become members & I will add you to the group. I hope you enjoy them. Please invite your friends. Thank you so much. 

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Durham NC Memories & Photos




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